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SPECK – P22 Series

High Pressure Plunger Pump

SPECK-TRIPLEX- High Pressure Plunger Pump – P22 Series

Suitable for pumping clean water and other non-aggressive or non-abrasive media with a specific weight similar to water.


  • Crankcase of aluminium-cast
  • Crankshaft and cylinder roller bearing (grooved ball bearing on P22/28-100) together with plain bearing con rod all run in oil
  • Solid ceramic plunger
  • Identical suction and discharge valves
  • Drip-return ensuring long seal-life and drip-free operation
Spécifications / Specifications

SPECK P Series - P22 28-130 - Technical Data

Courbes / Performance Curve
Schémas / Drawing

SPECK P Series - P22/28-130


Refer to PDF attached for other P22 models.