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MOUVEX – P Series

Rotary Vane Pumps

Specifically designed to handle highly viscous products up to 110 m3/h (12 bar).

It can handle non-lubricating, abrasive and corrosive liquids. P Series pumps feature easy and economical maintenance.


  • Constant high performance
  • Excellent volumetric characteristics
  • Thanks to automatic adjustment, the performance characteristics remain constant throughout time
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • P series vane pumps can be dismantled without disconnecting the suction and discharge lines.
  • Pump reassembly requires no special positioning
  • Replacement parts are extremely competitive
  • The pump is capable of running in forward or reverse
  • Reduced energy consumption


  • Energy: Fuels, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet, Avgas, LFO, HFO, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Lubricants, Mineral and Synthetic Oils, Greases
  • Chemical Industry: Paint, Varnishes, Solvents, Resins, Methanol, Ethanol, Additives, various chemicals
  • Food Industry: Cooking oils, Animal fats, Vegetable fats, Molasses, Alcohols
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