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WILO – Submersible Drainage Pump – EMU KS Series

Submersible Drainage Pump

Submersible drainage pump as submersible monobloc unit for portable wet well installation.


  • Long service life thanks to robust construction
  • High operational reliability thanks to continuous duty, also in slurping operation
  • Easy handling due to connection cable with plug
  • Easy operation due to the fitted float switch (S version)
  • Sealing on the fluid side and on the motor side is performed by two bidirectional mechanical seals


Pumping of

  • Wastewater
  • Process wateR


  • Open single-channel impellers
  • Discharge outlet: Vertical threaded connection, with Storz coupling.


  • Frame size 20: self-cooled single or three-phase motors, detachable 10m connection cable
  • Frame size 24: motors cooled by ambient liquid, with thermal monitoring and cooling jacket, fixed 20m connection cable
  • Ex KS group: Equipped with a motor cooled by the ambient liquid
  • S version: equipped with a float switch
  • DMS version: equipped with a control box with integrated motor protection
Spécifications / Specifications
Technical data

  • Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50 Hz or 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Max. immersion depth: 12.5 m
  • Fluid temperature: 3 … 40 °C
  • Cable length: 10 m or 20 m
  • Pressure port: Storz coupling size C to A (depending on type)

  • Motor housing: Al or EN-GJL 250 (depending on type)
  • Pump housing: EN-GJL 250
  • Impeller: EN-GJL 250
  • Shaft: 1.4021
  • Static gaskets: FPM
  • Seal:
    • On motor side: C/Cr or C/ceramic
    • Fluid side: SiC/SiC

Type key

Example: Wilo-EMU KS 15x
KS Submersible drainage pump
15 Size
x Version

  • E: Single-phase current motor
  • ES: Single-phase current motor with float switch
  • D: Three-phase current motor
  • DS: Three-phase current motor with float switch
  • DMS: Three-phase current motor with float switch and switchbox with motor protection switch
  • E0: Single-phase current motor with bare cable end
  • D0: Three-phase current motor with bare cable end
  • GG: Motor housing in cast iron
  • Ceram: Unit with ceram coating
  • Ex: with Ex-rated motor
  • Z: centre pressure port
  • H: high-pressure impeller
  • M: medium-pressure impeller
  • N: low-pressure impeller
Courbes / Performance Curve

Schémas / Drawing