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FLOWSERVE – Byron Jackson H2O+

Submersible Deep-well Pumps and Motors

Designed for Quick Delivery Program – Fast quoting and quick shipment for water supply applications.

Byron Jackson H2O+ submersible pumps and water-filled motors with precision-cast stainless steel bowls and impellers, with a high efficiency, and extended lifecycles of deep well submersibles. Available in standard 6-, 8- and 10-inch sizes.

  • Pump advantages
    • High-efficiency, precision cast stainless steel impellers
    • Collet-mounted impeller system
    • Standard integral stainless steel check valve with either
    NPT or BSPT threads
    • Standard NEMA coupling design and flange dimensions
    • Long-lasting rubber bearings
    • High-performance composite wear rings
  • Motor advantages
    • High-quality PE2+PA winding wire insulation
    • Standard NEMA splined/keyed shaft and flange dimensions
    • Heavy-duty bearings with high thrust capacity
    • Water-lubricated, carbon radial bearings
    • Temperature monitoring sensors available
    • Rewindable motor stator


  • Agriculture
  • Golf courses
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial processes
  • Municipal water suppliers
  • Mine dewatering
Spécifications / Specifications

Operating Data Byron Jackson H20

Courbes / Performance Curve

Performance Curve Byron Jackson H20

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