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Eccentric Disc Pumps

The G-FLO pump is ideal for the safe transfer of difficult, high value fluids. Designed to provide excellent performance in full containment and ensure safety during chemical pumping and industrial applications. The new transfer solution with the sealless eccentric piston pump for chemical and industrial applications requiring high flow rates. Up to 65 m3 / h (286 gpm), 10 bar (145 psi).


  • Provides consistent and efficient flow with a wide range of viscosities
  • Flow rate up to 65 m3/h (286 gpm), 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Eccentric disc design allows for consistent flow and improved energy savings
  • Extremely gentle, pulse-free flow to protect shear-sensitive products

Suitable for most chemical and industrial transfer applications, in particular those that require consistent non-pulsing flow and gentle fluid handling (low shear rates).

Spécifications / Specifications

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Courbes / Performance Curve


Schémas / Drawing

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