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Eccentric Disc Pumps

MOUVEX – A SERIES -Eccentric Disc Pumps

This pump is reliable, cost effective and long lasting. A solution for a wide range of liquids (up to 50 m3 / h / 220 GPM).


  • Reversibility
  • Exceptional self-priming capabilities
  • Legendary ruggedness
  • Maintain initial performance level over time without any adjustment
  • Unchanging characteristics
  • Maintain a regular and constant output independent of the delivery pressure
  • Practically unlimited scope of application


  • Energy: fuels, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, aviation fuels, heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, lubricants, mineral and synthetic oils, greases
  • Chemistry: paint, varnish, solvents, resins, methanol, ethanol and additives
  • Food industry: cooking oils, animal fats, vegetable fats, cocoa butter, molasses and alcohols Benefits : exceptional self-priming capability robust
Spécifications / Specifications

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Courbes / Performance Curve


Schémas / Drawing

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