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LUTZ – Drum Pump B200

Eccentric Screw - Drum Pump

The Lutz B200 container pump is a compact lightweight solution for transferring fluids from larger containers, even in situations where they are stored above each other.
The B200 container pump easily connects to the bottom discharge port of the the containers, and uses the Lutz unitversal motor coupling to allow any of the Lutz electric and compressed air motors to be used.

By using the Lutz universal motor coupling, the B200 container pump can be fitted to a wide range of Lutz motors. These include the ever reliable MAII series, the flexible variable speed MI4-E series, and for hazardous area operation, the explosion proof MEII series and compressed air driven MD series of motors.

When used in combination with a Lutz trigger nozzle, the Lutz B200 container pump can be used for filling operations and similar applications. The B200 is quite capable of operating against a closed discharge nozzle with no damage.

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