Over the past decades, the demand of energy has significantly increased and will continue to do so due to industrial activities in both developed and developing countries. Hence, it is crucial to check your current pump performance on a regular basis to detect and anticipate the over consumption.

MMPI International offers an energy check within its technical research. By carrying out pump system assessments, you will be able to optimize the system and gain an average of 20% in energy savings.

We can help you in identifying and eliminating unnecessary losses on your current system, while still meeting the process requirements, and at the same time reduce energy consumption and maintain its efficiency.

Start with MMPI Energy Check assessment to achieve the peak optimization in your pump system.


Overview of MMPI energy Check

What is it ?

  • Full diagnosis of your pumping installation based on the pump nameplate
  • Detailed analysis of the pumped fluid to measure the performance and consumption

How can you benefit from it ?

  • Improve the cost efficiency of your system
  • Understand energy saving potential in your system
  • Eliminate process that leads to over consumption on energy
  • Enhance a better environmental profile of your plant/ facilities