What is Marklix ?

It’s a start up from Aix which was founded in 2020, emerging from the fusion of Pierre-Jacques Lyon’s and Thomas Boullier’s ideas.

Marklix allows manufacturers to qualify and digitize their spare parts stocks online on a 3D file so that they can produce them on demand with 3D printing.
They also structure softwares for additive manufacturing production.

The MMPI International, one of the 3 subsidiaries of the Métaux Moteurs Pompes Industries holding, will benefit from the expertise and the service proposed by Marklix, both in France and abroad.

With the progress in connected pumps and their instrumentation, the holding turns to artificial intelligence and technical engineering.

Unity being strength, what would be more beautiful than the collaboration of an 84 years existing group and a startup full of promises.

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Perkongsian baru METAUX MOTEURS POMPES INDUSTRIES dengan Marklix.

Apa itu Marklix?

Marklix ialah sebuah syarikat start-up yang baru sahaja ditubuhkan pada tahun 2020, hasil gabungan idea Pierre Jacques Lyon dan Thomas Boullier.

Marklix membernarkan pengedar untuk memberi kelayakan dan mendigitalkan secara online pada bentuk 3D stok alat ganti untuk pengeluaran mengikut permintaan menggunakan pencetak 3D.

Dengan kemajuan teknologi pam pintar dan perkakas, Métaux Moteurs Pompes Industries kini beralih ke arah artificial intelligence dan kejuruteraan teknikal.

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